6 celebs who took to Instagram wearing masks

6 celebs who took to Instagram wearing masks

Celebrities promoting face masks in public

If there is one sure-fire way to get your message across to as many people as possible, it’s via the use of celebrities and influencers on social media. Did you know that football star Cristiano Ronaldo has 209 million Instagram followers, more than anyone else in the world? It’s a number that’s difficult to comprehend.

So, when celebs like him post something, the world takes notice.

When COVID-19 swept across the world, it was interesting to see how celebrities embraced the idea of wearing face masks while out and about. And they shared photos of themselves wearing a range of cool designs.

It was an important step in relaying the message that wearing face masks while out of the home is essential to minimise infection.

Here at Screen and Shield, we’re all for promoting the use of community face masks like our #sasMASK. They are durable and fashionable items that protect you and others while giving back to good causes.

We thought it would be fun to look at some of the celebs who have taken to Instagram to promote the use of community face masks. Before we start, it’s worth reminding you that we’re always on the lookout for influencers and ambassadors to work with us.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The football legend posed in a face mask designed around the flag of Portugal, his home country. He wrote: “In this very difficult moment for our world it is important we unite and support each other.” More than 10 million people liked his post.

Gary Lineker

The BBC presenter and former England football international is chose Instagram to pose for a selfie while wearing a face mask. He was venturing out of his house for “the second time in three weeks to get some food supplies”. He said everyone was sticking to the social distancing rules, and no doubt he chose a high-quality face mask.

Katy Perry

Singer-songwriter Katy Perry has nearly 100 million followers on Instagram, where she published a photo of herself wearing a face mask with the caption: “Are you into following the rules?” Her face mask was merchandise promoting a charity. We’re proud that 10% of our own #sasMASK sales go to NHS charities.

Maya Jamma

The British TV and radio presenter posed with a face mask for her 1.6 million Instagram followers while rehearsing. “Socially distanced rehearsals today,” she wrote. “Added benefit other than saving lives is I’ve been carefree eating all the garlic in sight.”

Hugh Jackman

The Australian-British actor and singer promoted wearing a community face mask outdoors when he posted this selfie to his Instagram account. He has 29 million followers, and his post in New York, with the hashtag #wearamaskny, got 384,000 likes in double-quick time.

Miley Cyrus

The US singing and TV star showed her playful side by posing for a selfie wearing a face mask with a difference. She has 109 million fans on Instagram, who enjoyed her post with a whacky face mask featuring a large mouth and tongue. She added: “Category is: wear a mask for the safety of yourself and others… but make it fashionable.” At Screen and Shield, we have more than 30 cool designs, including playful patterns.

All our photos just go to show you don’t need to feel uncomfortable about going out wearing a community face mask. Many others are doing it, and as these celebrities point out, it is the best way to protect others as well as yourself.

You can see more about our own #sasMASK face mask range here. 

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