Eight essential qualities of a facemask provided by the leading community facemask company Screen and Shield


The eight essential qualities in a great face mask

Medical-grade protective face masks are best left for the health workers who currently need them most. For the rest of us, concerned about our safety when we are out and about, we can still source face masks that will add proper levels of protection.

These community face masks, which are socially responsible and benefit everyone, need not look and feel like something from a hospital ward.

Using masks like the #sasMASK, for example, you’ll get eight key benefits, whether you are purchasing for you, your family or buying face masks for staff. Don’t be fooled by some of the promises from companies importing cheap garments from the Far East, which take weeks to arrive. Trust in products like #sasMASK that are produced in Europe and dispatched from the UK.

Here are those eight essential qualities you deserve in your face mask.

1 Protective

Safety is why you want one, after all. Unlike most masks, #sasMASK is fully compliant with the most recent materials and layering guidelines and has three protective layers; giving you the ultimate in community protection from microscopic respiratory droplets that can spread infection.

2 Comfortable

You might need to wear your mask for hours on end and nobody quite knows how long we will be encouraged to use them. The inner layer of the #sasMASK is made from cotton, ensuring a smooth and comfortable fit on your face.

3 Breathable

It's always going to harder to breath through a mask - that's to be expected. But you shouldn't be gasping for air while sitting at your desk.  Your face mask must allow you to breathe adequately and not cause you to excessively sweat. At the same time, it must do an excellent job of containing your own exhaled breath, and coughs or sneezes as much as possible. You won’t be able to blow out a candle while wearing a good face mask.

4 Aesthetic

Medical-style masks look like you’ve walked straight out of a hospital ward.  We all like to look our best and, if we're covering half our face, it's nice to express a little of our personality.  The best community products are available in a wide range of colours and interesting patterns. #sasMASK, for example, comes in more than 30 styles – and businesses can also customise them to their brand.

5 Reusable

You’ll likely need to wear your community face mask nearly every day, so it needs to be reusable. And if you’re going to keep wearing it, you must wash it and keep hygienic (so it’s best to have at least two). #sasMASK is machine washable at 60 degrees, which is the recommended temperature for thorough cleaning.

6 Durable

Make sure your mask can stand up to the rigours of daily wear and washing. The quality of manufacture is critical because if it falls apart, or becomes stretched and loose, it’s as good as useless.

7 Audible

You want to be heard while wearing a face mask. Nobody wants to lift their mask away from their mouth every time they speak because it rather defeats the objective.

8 Socially Responsible

A community face mask should live up to its name.

  • Community mask sellers should give back to the community.  At Screen & Shield we donate 10% of all #sasMASK sales to charities that support NHS frontline workers, and we also give 10% of net sales to participating community organisations.
  • By using a good-quality community mask, you are not sourcing a medical-grade mask, which would affect the supply chain for key workers.

Research before you buy a face mask

You now understand the eight key qualities of a good community face mask. Now, do your research and buy one that you can be sure will last and do the job.

The #sasMASK collection is an ideal place to start.

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