Giving back to your community

Giving back to your community

Giving back to the community

There’s nothing worse than a business that appears to be cashing in on a national crisis. You might have read about some who tried to sell personal protective equipment online at inflated prices. Others who rushed out second-rate products to make a fast buck.

Here at Screen and Shield, we’re honest and upfront that we are a business that sells products for profit. But equally, we make it known that a significant proportion of sales from our #sasMASK face masks goes to NHS charities and community groups.

10% of our sales go to charities that support NHS frontline workers, and we built a community reward dynamic into our online ordering system. Community groups ordering face masks on behalf of their members get reduced rates and 10% of net sales back as cash into their treasury.

Our model wins respect for providing safety in the community with high-quality, safety-guidelines-compliant, face masks while channelling funds back to good causes.

Community groups such as churches, choirs, mums groups, nurseries, grassroots sports groups and even business networking groups like the Federation of Small Businesses can make good use of products like #sasMASK.

Knowing our service is trustworthy and ethical, community groups can sign up as an affiliate to offer their members a discount rate for our community face masks, which come with three layers of protection.

At a time when so many groups are struggling with finances, any initiative that brings in a little extra cash while contributing to community health and well-being, is welcome.

What community leaders need to know

The first question we're often asked is: what makes a good community face mask? We answered in detail in another post, the eight essential qualities in a great face mask, but here are the key findings:

  • Protective - following WHO guidelines
  • Comfortable  - for longer wear-times
  • Breathable - inevitably harder, but you shouldn't be gasping for air  
  • Aesthetics - we all like to look our best
  • Reusable - single use masks are not financially viable
  • Durable - like any garment, it needs to last
  • Audible - people need to hear what you're saying
  • Socially responsible - revenues contribute to worthy causes

#sasMASK, our community face mask, ticks every box. But also, we offer those financial rewards to charity and any community group that becomes a partner.

It’s simple for community managers to take part. You can visit our Community Program page for more information, where you’ll learn how easy it is to source community face masks for your members and see how it all works.

You might decide to order in bulk for your members, selecting from more than 30 designs. Or you can share a unique link with them, and they can go online to choose whichever mask they like. Using this link secures them a discounted price – and triggers a return in revenue for your organisation.

Ordering anything online, particularly when products relate to health, can be worrisome, but you can trust Screen and Shield. Read a little more about our story, and you’ll see how and why we launched.

Our products are made to a high standard in Europe and ship from the UK. Specifically, we wanted to produce high-quality face masks that do not put pressure on the medical PPE supply chain, where respirators are in such high demand.


Helping you to help others

If you would like to find out how partnering with us can help your members and your community funds, please get in touch, and we can tell you more about our products and how we give back.



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