Why face masks are so crucial for your business

Why face masks are so crucial for your business

Why face masks are so crucial for your business

Face masks are fast becoming part of our healthy, everyday lives. When the COVID-19 crisis first engulfed Britain, many people did not see the need to cover their faces. But as the pandemic developed, face masks became a must-have item for those venturing out of their home.

The use of face masks will continue until vaccines prevent all known health threats like coronavirus. We have all become educated in their benefits, and expect to see them used in the long-term, especially in the workplace.

As a senior business manager, you’ll know that face masks for staff offer health protection for them and provide reassurance to customers or visitors.


Are face masks right for my business?

Every company is different. But for businesses with employees working alongside each other, or with customers walking through the door, then face masks will be beneficial. This is especially true for the retail and hospitality sectors with high footfall.

The fact is that giving high-visibility reassurance is a big win at a small cost. Not only will customers expect the best practice, but many will also be wearing masks themselves.

Your staff can also wear the masks on their way to and from work – giving them added community protection and reducing sickness levels. Choose the branded face masks option for affirmative advertising.


Branded face masks for business

You can select face masks in any of our many patterns or tones, or have us custom make your own #sasMASK in your brand colours or logo.

Branding your business face masks is a cool marketing feature, connects masks with your uniform policy, and there is a low minimum order requirement.

Take a look at our face masks for business page to see purchase options. You can:

  1. Buy direct from our existing range, and we ship to your premises
  2. Buy credits, and we provide a unique code for each member of staff to go online and select the face mask they like
  3. Order our branded face mask option, with fast turnaround times


Why not purchase surgical masks?

Surgical masks should be reserved for those who need them most – key workers on the front line, like hospital staff and careworkers.

It might not reflect well on your business if you source masks that are in demand as personal protective equipment elsewhere. Also, surgical masks look clinical, putting off customers.

With #sasMASK community face masks, however, you give staff and customers the protection they need while sending a positive message.


Trust in #sasMASK

Our face masks are produced in Europe and shipped from the UK. Each mask has three layers of protection to help prevent infection. They are breathable, washable to 60 degrees, and durable.

Our pricing options are tailored to your business, making your buying experience affordable and rewarding. We want more people to wear face masks to make us all safer when we venture out of the home.

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