About Us

Hello, and thanks for visiting our site.

My name’s Hass and I’m a self-employed dad-of-one (with another on the way) from Edinburgh. I’d like to tell you a little bit about why I’ve created Screen and Shield...

When Coronavirus started to surge, my work quickly ground to a halt. My family and I were stuck in lockdown - living with my parents while our house was being renovated. COVID-19 cases continued to rise across the UK and we were shocked to hear how key-workers on the frontline were struggling with PPE shortages.

During week 1 of lockdown, we discussed as a family if we needed to wear face masks. With my dad in a high-risk category and my wife pregnant, we decided we did. I started shopping for good-quality masks that didn’t compromise the medical PPE supply chain. However, this turned out to be much trickier than I had expected...

The face masks available at that time seemed to be distributed by untrustworthy-looking websites, looked to be of poor quality, took weeks (if not months) to arrive and were extortionately priced.

I realised that I couldn’t be the only person facing this problem, so I decided to stop moaning and take action.

I set out to meet five goals:

  1. Sales had to generate funds for charities that supported frontline workers.
  2. There had to be a strong focus on people to champion communities.
  3. The masks had to be high quality, reusable, comfortable and affordable.
  4. The materials had to be fit-for-purpose but not interfere with the medical PPE supply chain.
  5. There had to be a wide choice of colours and styles. After all, everyone likes to look their best.

After 10 (very intense) weeks of research and collaboration I’m very proud to introduce the #sasMASK, the community face mask I wish I could have found back at the beginning of all this.

Made in Europe, safety-guideline-compliant and dispatched from my home town in Scotland, I hope #sasMASK is everything that you, your family and friends are looking for.

Take care, and thanks for being part of our story.