Lilac Petal (HS)
Lilac Petal (HS)
Lilac Petal (HS)
Lilac Petal (HS)

Lilac Petal (HS)

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Lilac Petal - Child's Washable #sasMask w/ Head Straps

Child: H10.5cm x D10.5cm (ages 3-7)

Our 3-layered washable face masks provide everyday comfort and protection.  If you need to leave home, #sasMASK has you covered.

Behind-the-head: 2 fixed elastic straps
avoid sore ears
no need to tie knots
versatile fit

Simply adjust the angle that you wear the upper elastic strap - for the fit that best suits you!

Nose Fit:
Flexi-wire nose piece: control the fit and minimise the chance of foggy glasses.

sasMASK benefits:
✓ Protective 
- triple layered
✓ Reusable 
- machine washable
✓ Comfortable 
- lightweight & breathable
✓ Audible 
- be clearly heard
✓ Aesthetic 
- over 50 designs
✓ Durable 
- high quality, won’t let you down
✓ Responsible 
- protect medical supply chains

We don’t use materials or manufactures needed by the medical community. So, rest assured that, when you wear a sasMASK, you’re protecting both your community and frontline NHS workers.

Face coverings should not be used by:
  • children under the age of two
  • those who may find it difficult to manage them correctly
  • those with respiratory conditions

To find out more, please see our FAQ's.