sasHANDS Skinny

sasHANDS Skinny

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sasHANDS SKINNY (10ml)

Apple-Scented, Moisturising Hand Sanitizer
If you're suffering from dry, irritated hands or just tired of smelling like paint thinner, relief is just a couple of clicks away.  Stay protected and protect those around you with our luxury moisturizing hand sanitizer.

~90 sprays (refillable)

Perfect for:
Slim pockets
Clutch bags

Our Deluxe Formula
70% antibacterial denatured alcohol.
30% moisturizing & apple perfumed glycerine-infused-aqua.

Rest Assured
We don’t use materials or manufactures needed by the medical community. So, rest assured that, when you purchase a Screen & Shield product, you’re protecting both your community and frontline NHS workers.

  • Should be applied to children by adults
  • Keep bottles out of reach of children
  • Flammable liquid

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